World Famous

Puff n Stuff Headshop

Our Staff is experienced Throughout the years adapting to the new Ins and Outs of the industry. 

We've been here at the same location Since 1976 soo we're not new to the Block or the products we sell and try our best to keep up with all instructions and details of each product we sell.

If you ever have any questions reguarding a product you are interested in knowing more about don't hesitate to ask our staff any questions you have. We dont mind explaining out instructins or telling you personal experinces  or recommendations from other customers to best help you understand what you spending your money on unlike other shops  that will sell you anything with out any insight or even simple instructions.

Medical Marijuana Supplies and Lifestyle Accessories


Monday - Saturday  10:30 AM to 8:00 PM

           Sunday Noon to 6:00 PM


why choose us?

Puff N' Stuff One of the oldest Headshops in the whole Bay area 43 years in Oakland this summer of 2019. Well known by Oakland Native like Too$hort and also E40 Still we have been reaching out to the new marijuana community since the Recreational Legalization and we are gladly here to help all the new smokers and Tokers. If you are from the Bay Area then you should atleast stop by just soo you can brag to you friends of what an awesome place you seen!! Follow us on Instagram @worldfamouspuffnstuff

Specialties No Tobacco sold at Puff n Stuff. We carry everything from Kratom, CBD's, oil bangers and Quartz Bangers, oil rigs, dab rigs, Dabbers, ASHTRAYS, 5x butane, power 5, to ZIPPOs. Ask for your 10% Medical Discount with valid medical card or recommendation. We carry lots of  glass attachments for waxes, concentrates and oils, convert your old bong to oils or waxes. WE have butane torches, torch lighters, glass oil extraction tubes, Vaporizer Pen, the best vaporizer pen for waxes, oils and concentrates and all the replacement, parts, replacement cartridges, skillets and batteries. The Vape Pens also fits the cartridges available at Marijuana Dispensaries. We also have a large selection of glass concentration pipes, titanium nails, glass nails, adapters and a large variety of accessories and  water pipes. Puff n Stuff also carries a selection of glass, metal, wood pipes, 5x  butane, rolling papers, incense, adult novelties, lubricants, massage oils or a blow up doll for your party.

    4051 Foothill Blvd.  Oakland Ca 94601