​​​​Some of the items we carry include glass and wood hand pipes,  glass water pipes,  Quartz bangers, Dabbers, Dab tools, Nectar collectors, Domeless titanium nails, Bubblers, Kratom, CBD, Butane lighters and torches, Quick Fix synthetic urine, Detoxify Ready Clean detox drinks and other  detox products, scales, glass beakers, ashtrays, adult toys, Health stones, wax and herb vaporizers, Dab pen, vape pens, atomizers, stash containers, roach clips, incense, Raw, Element,  Zig Zag rolling papers, extraction tubes, wax containers, oil rigs, wax dabber, hash oil pipes, hash oil rig,  hemp wraps, rolling trays, Cookies  rolling trays, Cookies hydro stones, zip lock baggies & medical marijuana bags, Ozium, pipe cleaners, Zippo lighters, lighter fluid, flints, 5x butane, hemostats, grinders, replacement glass bong downstems and bowls, e nails, ALL comes with FREE Puff n Stuff stickers and matches.

Medical Marijuana Supplies and Lifestyle Accessories

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